The virtual bagpipe lab’

The largest bagpipes library

1 Gaïta galicienne


1 Smallpipe


2 Uilleann Pipes


1 Biniou Kozh


2 cornemuses du centre


7 Great Highland Bagpipe


  • Natural tuning of every bagpipe
  • Genuine drones start
  • Chanters and drones recorded note by note
  • Extended two octaves range for every bagpipe



  • Build your own bagpipe
  • VST and Audio Unit Plugin with automation
  • Advanced midi setup

Listen to Universal Piper

Demonstration realized with Universal Piper and a MIDI GHB practice.

For more information click on the bagpipes

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Free update if you bought version 3 and earlier.

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PURCHASE Universal Piper on Windows and OSX

One licence unlocks two different personal computer installations; as well as using every sound libraries on IOS.

Universal Piper also available on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

2 GHB, one Uillean Pipe and a Gaïta
All functions except audio recorder

2 GHB, one Uillean Pipe and one Gaïta
Bagpipe Lab light version

The version available on the AppStore is not yet compatible with version 4.
Update coming soon !!
More information about iOS version here...

Universal Piper on the WEB