Universal Piper - The Bagpipe Lab

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- Install and try for free,

  1. -Standalone, VST and Audio Unit plugins available,

  2. -One license: Two installations granted, plus updates for FREE.

Personal Computer  Versions :

IOs Versions :

Advanced MIDI controller management for live performance:

- For electronic chanter, select your chanter and fingering in the list and Universal Piper does the rest. Still, you can go further managing several type of chanters, modify notes using custom or predefined mode (mixolydian, dorian,…).

- A MIDI input is also dedicated to MIDI keyboard and other instrument (EWI, sax,…).

All effects and sound parameters can be managed through MIDI (Program Change, Control Change, Note ON/OFF, Pitchbend are supported).

Universal Piper - The Bagpipe Lab

Plug your electronic chanter or your midi keyboard to your iPad and step in the first Lab dedicated to bagpipe !

Create Your

Own Bagpipe

- A comprehensive library of accurately recorded bagpipes : eleven chanters recorded note by note, thirteen set of drones

    - seven GHB set of drones and four chanters including a wooden practice,

    - a galician gaita,

    - a uillean pipe in D and another rare one in Bb,

    - a smallpipe,

    - a biniou kozh,

    - two french cornemuse du centre  

- Real drones starts,

- Complete access to volume, sound and tuning of each note of the chanter and drones to create your own bagpipe,

- Each instrument can be transposed plus/minus an octave,

- Switch to tempered tuning any time,

Add some 


Universal Piper - The Bagpipe Lab

A complete effect rig:

- Effects dedicated to bagpipe : a customizable second voice, a humanizer (simulation of bag pressure change), a valve noise,

- Classic effects including equalizer, reverberation and spreader (stereo image enhancement),

- Effects from the guitar world : delay, flanger and vibrato.

Each configuration can be saved and called back any time.

Universal Piper - The Bagpipe Lab

support midi keyboards


popular electronic chanters

Universal Piper - Bagpipe Lab also integrates a MIDI and BWW file reader including tempo and grace notes (only BWW) adjustment.

Finally, Universal Piper V3 registered users on PC and MAC can share their sounds and presets with your iPad application.

(*) : Universal Piper is compatible with most of the electronic chanters and fingering (redpipes, technopipes, degerpipes I and II, e-pipe, mastergaita, openpipe). Still, if your chanter is not in the list, please contact us. Universal Piper is CoreMIDI compatible. An adapter, not included, such as iRig, MidiMobilizer, CameraKit, MIDI Puc, iodock, is required to plug your MIDI chanter or MIDI instruments.

Universal Piper - The Bagpipe Lab

What else?

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