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Ever wanted to have the REEEAAALL ROAR of a genuine bagpipe in your pocket?

With a correct and natural scale?

You want to have the drones starting under your fingertips?

Universal Piper is a virtual instrument

that aims at faithfully reproduce different bagpipes.

The bagpipe Library covers some  bagpipes of the world,

An Irish Uileann Pipe, a collection of Great Highland Bagpipes, and a Galician Gaita.

These sounds come from marvelous genuine Bagpipes that we sampled with a great care, and are the same as in the full App.

Here are the pipes included in the iphone App:

A Collection of Ancient and Legendary Great Highland Bagpipes ...

here is Miss Francis Playing.

A Wonderfull Uilleann Pipe set in D

One sweet Galician Gaita in C


Universal Piper can be used as a scale reminder, a bagpipe tuner, a accompanying drone machine, a bagpipe player (reads .bww and .mid) and a complete instrument when plugged in with a midi instrument.


Full Feature List:

  1. - Genuine natural bagpipe sound,

  2. - start/stop the drones,

  3. - modify the pitch of the bagpipe

  4. - adjust the drone/chanter balance

  5. - playable scale with buttons,

  6. - upload bagpipe .bww or .mid files on your device to have playback

  7. - tempo and articulation modifiable while playing files.

  8. - midi device detection (iRig, midi-Mobilizer2,..)

  9. - buildin common midi practices configuration,

  10. - upload your presets and further coming librairies on your iphone/ipod/ipad and get new         pipes at your fingertips!(for MAC/PC registered users)


See the full manual page with detailed panels.

If You intend to use it as a full instrument plugged with a midi practice, get usefull info at the specific page here to see how to plug a midi instrument, and here to upload your presets and midi configuration.

Universal piper can cope with the following midi instruments:

Universal Piper works on iOS 4.3 or later, with 4 or 4-s generations of the iPhone and iPad. Runs also on 3GS versions and ipod touch but without the plugin midi device capability.

Universal Piper

Degerpipe - Extended
Degerpipe GHB
Degerpipe II - Extended
Degerpipe II - Standard
Generic Chanter GHB
Master Gaita
Master Gaita - Asturian
Master Gaita - French
Master Gaita - GHB
Master Gaita - Galician
Master Gaita - Galician Extended
Redpipe - France
Redpipe - GHB Extended
Redpipe - GHB Standard
Redpipe - GHB Minimal
Technopipe GHB
Technopipe Asturian
Technopipe Galician open/closed
E-pipe 15