OSX and Windows release notes

OSX and Windows release notes

Version 4.0.1 – 25/07/2017

  • Bug fix : technopipe GHB fingering and Trino Standard fingering added.
  • Spanish translation improvment.
  • Known issue : the user manual button doesn't work. Instead, click on "Open folder" and enter the subfolder "Manuals" where the manuals are.

Version 4.0.0 – 09/04/2017

  • All factory instruments are now at least 2 octaves. The user instruments remain unchanged.

New user interface: entirely redesigned
  • Rotary button: maintain pressed or double click to center a rotary button.
  • Full screen mode for the standalone application

New home page: gather the instruments main settings and improve visibility of the current instrument (formally preset)
  • New 440 Hz button: tune to 440 Hz in one click.

New harmony page: gather the tone, scale, drones tuning, second voice and MIDI chanter selection
  • Scale modification (formally mode management) can be set for each instrument and activated dynamically,
  • Vibrato (pitchbend) depth of your MIDI device can be tuned,
  • Glissando can be set for each instrument (requires a compatible MIDI instrument)

Effect page: gather all effects on a pedalboard
  • Pre-defined settings are available for each effect. You can access all the parameters choosing « custom »
  • New « import effects » function: this function allows you to import the effects configuration from another instrument in the current one.
  • Delay : set the tempo by value or tap tempo

Page magneto: gather a MIDI reader & recorder, a BWW reader, an audio recorder and a metronome
  • New MIDI recorder,
  • Metronome can now play different beats.

New fine tuning page: gather all instrument tunings, chanter and drones, in one page
  • New “duplicate function”: you’ve tuned a bagpipe to your taste and would like to use this same tuning on another bagpipe? Easy! Select a bagpipe you want to tune, press “duplicate tuning” and select the bagpipe with the tuning you want to copy. A bit of drones fine tuning might be useful.

MIDI page: gather all settings to control Universal Piper with MIDI
  • New “automatic toggle detection” mode for all ON/OFF MIDI parameter : a short ON/OFF pulse will be interpreted as a toggle, a long ON/OFF sequence as a momentary switch
  • New MIDI controls: LA440, Glissando, delay tempo, chanter scale modification
  • New chanter stop delay following a note off reception. Allows you to ignore short silences.
  • New MIDI chanter: trino, degerpipe 2+ Baroque/Bechonnet/Medieval/Gaita/Gaita extended

New piano page: a keyboard included in Universal Piper

Hardware page: audio and MIDI input settings
  • You can now set your audio output as double mono output,
  • Supports Bluetooth MIDI adapters (requires a computer compatible with BT 4.0),
  • Automatic detection and activation of the MIDI inputs

Preferences page:
  • New touch screen mode: menus are optimized to be touched controlled.
  • Simplified Universal Piper library folder : now remain only the useful files to exchange with your iOS device or other computer